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Chateaux descriptions vary considerably as does the spelling in search requests: Chateaux in France, French Chateaux Chateaux [plural], Chateaux France Hotel, Chateaux [the plural form] and Chateau [singular form], this Châteaux [with circonflexe - the accent mark over the â] French castles, France Castles, Châteaux de la Loire, Loire Valley Chateaux, and French Medieval Castles, medieval chateaux France, Luxury chateaux to rent in France, Charming chateaux to rent France, Castles of France, France golf chateaux, prestigious castle rentals France, the list goes on and on.  Now you can . . . . .


The Châteaux in France are magnificent and architecturally gratifying. The best source for information on France's historical castles and museums, monuments and landmarks can be found here. There are several thousand chateaux of historical and architectural significance throughout France.  Discover what Chateau means!

On this page you'll find les Chateaux de la Loire as well as some of the more noted national [Royal] and privately owned historical and medieval French châteaux. There are the magnificent and historical walled cities, abbeys, cathedrals, châteaux housed B&Bs, and of course tours to visit these spectacular monuments.  Some châteaux included in the Chateaux Pass, the Royal Chateau de Chambord, and Chateau d'Angers that dates back to the first century, truly a medieval castle.

And please visit our information on
Le Notre the famous landscape designer for these magnificent chateaux and their gardens.  The term landscape architect hadn't been created yet, he was advanced way beyond his time, for the illusions and plans devised in his time. 

Le Château de Chambord

The Chateau of Chambord shown at left is the largest of the Royal Chateaux in the Loire Valley.  The tours that are offered include some of the most magnificent of the castles in the Loire. View all the top Loire Valley Tours & Packages for the Loire Valley, that encompass the two regions of Centre [Central Loire Valley] and Pays-de-la-Loire [Western Loire Valley]. Relive history; visit these awesome castles from the 12th - 18th centuries.

Find additional castle information, such as the parts of a castle and what they're called, and pictures of castles from various castle websites and castles from the middle ages.  Enjoy our 'Chateaux' pages, and these truly beautiful and magnificent Royal and Private Castles of France! .

Chateaux of France and Loire Valley Chateaux ~ Chateaux-de-la-Loire
         Amboise   Angers   Azay-le-Rideau Blois
         Chambord   Chantilly   Chenonceau Cheverny
         Fontainebleau   Mt. St. Michel   Usse Vaux-le-Vicomte
         Versailles   Villandry   Walled Cities Architect Le Notre

A Place and Time of Kings and Royalty Retreats






Chantilly [Institute de France] and Museum

Chaumont [also known as Chaumont-Amboise]

Chenonceau, le Chateau des Dames



Mont St. Michel



Versailles Palace


Chateaux Links to Visit include Medieval and Architectural Information

Chateaux Architectural and Parts Lexique and Coats of Arms
La Passion des Chateaux is dedicated to historical chateaux around France, but primarily focuses on the Puy-de-Dome area of Auvergne.  From the evolution of the chateau, architectural terms for the different parts of a chateau, as well as the Coat of Arms explanations and much more. You can view the chateaux here.

Châteaux Foundations [Fondation du Patrimoine] [for the Protection of Historic Monuments]
For Fondation information, click on this page, et La Protection des Monuments Historiques links click here.  For information regarding Restoration, you find the information here.
La Demeure Historique [DH] Association for Owners of Private Historic Monuments
UEHHA  the Union of European Historic Houses Association in France
VMF Les Vielles Maisons Française

Châteaux Information Sites
An individuals website on castles. These châteaux are not as well known to visitors, and the site is not exclusive to French chateaux, you'll get to view the other countries castles if you like. However, the photos and information is great!
Castleland Regional Map of Medieval Châteaux  and Directory by Department, this is a great site with all the contact information as well as links to many of the châteaux associations.
Castles France Châteaux de la Loire
Castles of the world - [huge portal] contains a large collection of castle related information for France and around the world.
Chateau and gardens, drive through wildlife park, in Thoiry-en-Yveline
Châteaux Celtes et Chimères portail with A to T information on medieval times, history, tales myths, legends significant dates and events
Loire Valley Tours website, the virtual visit. Start at Amboise and click on next monument below each château, it will take you alphabetically through all the major châteaux of the Loire Valley. We've already put some of the chateaux on this page, but take a trip to see the rest.  Really nice!.
Pandora Enchanting Castles [Belgium Chateaux Information]  with information by Province

Medieval Châteaux Pictures

Medieval Castles Pictures

The Great Walled Cities [Fortresses] of France

Avignon Avignon France and the Palais de Papes
The official history information for Avignon
Tourism office of Avignon
Information for Avignon

The grandest walled city of them all is Carcassonne [ancient medieval city].  A Unesco World Heritage site.
Official Tourisme Office in Carcassonne with happenings & events in the medieval city
A nice information site on Carcassonne, and very impressive night photo of it.
The Cathars from this time period and some information from a visiting writer
Tourism office of Carcassonne

Offiical Tourism site for Chinon - Chinon was included in the French royal estates in 1205, this is a very nice site! Be sure and go through the links.
Château de Chinon, the Medieval Fortress in the Loire Valley, and where Charles VII first met Joan of Arc. With photos and a lot of historical information.

Swiss Chateaux
Chateaux listings in Switzerland link.

Loire Chateaux
Chateau Amboise
Chateau Anger
Chateau Azay-Rideau
Chateau Blois
Chateau Chambord
Chateau Chantilly
Chateau Chaumont
Chateau Chenonceau
Chateau Cheverny
Chateau Fontainebleau
Chateau Usse
Chateau Vaux-Vicomte
Chateau Versailles
Chateau Villandry
What is a Chateau

AMAWATERWAYS Bordeaux 2016-2017

Bordeaux 2016-2017
Saint-Emilion Vineyard



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