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  Palace of Versailles - Château de Versailles
               All Tours to the fabulous Palace of Versailles 

Versailles Palace - some links to visit:
Versailles besides being grand beyond belief interiorly, Louis XIV wanted the most magnificent gardens of all at that time, and he especially wanted his gardens to be more impressive then Vaux le Vocomte's lavishly beautiful gardens. So he hired the the famous landscape architect Andre Le Notre, to create the most spectacular gardens in France. A truly amazing example of architectural delights!

  Pictures Of Palace of Versailles
                       Palace of Versailles
  The Palace Of Versailles Pictures
The marble court. It contains a
great marble slab. 
picutres of versailles gardens
The Latona Basin. Versailles has
many fountains around its gardens.
  versailles bedroom furniture
Napoleon's Bedroom.
Versailles and Hall of Mirrors
The salon of Mirrors, was used by Louis XIV as a council room.
  Pictures of the Palace of Versailles
The Salon of Hercules, with
beautiful ceiling fresco paintings. 
More on French Ch
pictures of palace of versailles
The Salon of Abundance is one of the most familiar and intimate rooms in the King's apartment.

The history of the château

Pictures of Palace Of Versaille

Official site for the Palace of Versailles

The town of Versaille

The official tourism site for Versaille

Photos of Versaille from George d'Alba

What's happening in Versaille

Tourist office for Versaille

The park and gardens of Versaille just beautiful, a great site!

Le Nôtre

Versailles, Continued >>>

More about the famous landcape architect Le Nôtre

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