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Ultimate Ocean Cruises on the Baltic, Atlantic, Adriatic, Aegean and Mediterranean Sea all-inclusive* in Scandinavian Style 2016

The Viking Sea will embark on her maiden voyage this spring of 2016. The new ship Sky will be inaugurated in the spring of 2017.  Be one of the first to cruise these fabulous new ships.  With all-inclusive cruise pricing, and all ships offer Verandah rooms only!  View the Star, everything from the ship's design process to building the ship, was to please the senses of Viking's guests and for them to enjoy their ultimate ocean cruise!  Call today 1-888-666-7279 or send a Viking Cruise Request, call us for 2016 - 2017 Viking Promotions!  Visit the Viking Ocean Star Ship   

Viking Homelands | Viking Empires | Bergen to Bosphorus | Baltic Jewels & Midnight Sun | Into the Midnight Sun | Catalonia to Constantinople  Mediterranean Explorer | Mediterranean Odyssey   Scandinavia to Spain | Ancients Empires & Holy Lands | Passage through Western Europe | West Indies to Iberia | Empires of the Mediterranean  Mediterranean Getaway | Nordic Explorer   Grand Mediterranean Tour | Med. Celebration  Barcelona, Baltic & Beyond | Secrets of the So. Mediterranean | Romantic Mediterranean | Christmas in the Mediterranean | Med. Christmas  




Viking Homelands
Stockholm to Bergen   VikHomelands
from $5,699 | 15 Days | 8 Countries | 11 Tours


Into the Midnight Sun
Bergen to London
from $6,699 | 15 Days | 3 Countries | 12 Tours

  Baltic Jewels & the Midnight Sun   
Stockholm to London   Jewels+MS
from $11,299 PP 29 Days 10 Countries

Set sail on the Viking Star into a world of breath-taking scenery as you glide through shimmering Nordic fjords. For the Vikings, navigating the waters of Scandinavia and the Baltic was a way of life; for 15 glorious days while witnessing wild beauty from your ship and exploring quaint towns up close as you travel ashore. With overnights in cosmopolitan Stockholm and St. Petersburg, and ample time to explore charming historic city centers in Tallinn and Gdansk, a truly memorable experience. This cruise itinerary features a blend of northern continental European cities, Imperial Russia and magnificent fjords of Norway, legendary Vikings homeland.   Request a Quote



Cruise the deep-cut fjords along the fabled Norwegian coast. Sail across the Arctic Circle to the northernmost reaches of the continent where the midnight sun bathes the spectacular coastline in light 24 hours a day. Then follow the path of Vikings from Nordic splendor to Scottish wonder. This is an unparalleled exploration in the wake of great explorers, from the ancient merchant streets of Bergen to tiny hamlets tucked into magnificent and pristine fjords, from the far-north beauty of North Cape to the remote outposts of Scotland’s Shetland and Orkney Islands. Two economic powerhouses, one past and one present, bookend your journey: Bergen, where the Hanseatic League once bolstered Baltic trade, and Edinburgh, where medieval glory mingles with classic beauty. Our ship size lets us slip into smaller ports, so you’ll enjoy the most intimate.  Request a Quote


Our most sweeping Scandinavia itinerary combines Viking Homelands and Into the Midnight Sun. On this 29-day cruise, you'll visit Norway’s magnificent fjords and overnight stays in Stockholm, St. Peters-burg and Bergen.  Begin your cruise in Stockholm’s stunning archipelago, nestled where Lake Mälaren’s cobalt waters meet the Baltic. Take in this amazing city spread with over 14 islands and its 13th-century old town, “Gamla Stan,” and German-influenced architecture.  Sailing the Baltic Sea into the Gulf of Finland, into Helsinki and then to St. Petersburg, Russia and Tallinn, back into the Baltic Sea down to Gdansk Poland and over to Warnemünde, Germany and back up to Copenhagen and then Aalborg Denmark. Next is Stavanger Norway to Flam, and Bergen for 3 nights, cruising on toe Geiranger and Krisitansund NOrway through the Inside Passage ending at Tromso, Norway.  Request Quote

Stockholm Shore Excursion option on the Hop Off On Bus with 14 stops to see the highlights of this wonderful city!      
Scandinavia to Spain
Stockholm to Barcelona
from $8,699 | 29 Days |13 Countries | 19 Tours

Explore the great cities of Europe on a 29-day journey that takes us from the Scandinavian waters of Stockholm to the bustling streets of beautiful Barcelona. Take in the marvels of the Imperial Russian city of St. Petersburg, the Baltic beauty of Tallinn and Gdansk and the natural wonders of the Viking homelands. Conquer magnificent London and sail down the Atlantic Coast of France and Portugal and onto the storied Mediterranean desti-nations of sunny Spain. This cruise combines the best of Northern and Western Europe together in one memorable journey. Request Quote

  Viking Empire
Istanbul to Stockholm
from $17,549 | 50 Days| 19 Countries 37 Tours  

Explore the marvels and monuments of Europe on an epic 50-day cruise from the clear Scandinavian waters of Stockholm to the old Constantinople - the Byzantine city now known as Istanbul. Travel on to  the Imperial Russian city of St. Petersburg and  Winter Palace, the Baltic beauty of Tallinn, Gdansk and the natural wonders of the Viking homelands. Soak up magnificent London and medieval Rouen, sail down the Atlantic Coast of Portugal to Lisbon to the sunny cities of Southern Spain. Climb the stairs of Gaudi’s surreal Sagrada Família in Barcelona and taste the wines of Toulon. You will discover the ancient ruins of Ephesus and Athens, explore the medieval charm of Dubrovnik and Kotor and soak up the monumental cities of Rome and Istanbul. This is not just a cruise; it is a journey of a lifetime. Request Quote
  Barcelona, the Baltic & Beyond
Barcelona to Stockholm  BCN-BalticBeyond
from $6,799 | 22 Days | 11 Countries | 13 Tours

On this voyage through Western Europe and the Baltic, experience iconic world-class cultural coastal capitals - Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam and St. Petersburg. You’ll encounter wonders of art and history as you explore richly varied cities, their waterways from the English Channel to Kiel Canal.

Extend your cruise for two nights to explore more fully Barcelona’s fantastical architecture, tasty tapas and stroll down the legendary Las Ramblas or Gothic Quarter. Or extend in Stockholm and explore more extensively. Indulge in a Smörgåsbord or sip a cocktail from a glass carved of ice at the Ice Bar in the Nordic Hotel. Make sure to stroll the 13th century old town, along the quaint cobbled streets to admire the German-influenced architecture. Request Quote
Mediterranean Odyssey
Barcelona to Venice
from $4,399 | 13 Days | 6 Countries | 19 Tours

This 13-day tour brings discoveries of the glories of the Western Mediterranean to life. The magical waterways of Venice; Rome and its awe-inspiring Coliseum, and the fabled towns of Tuscany. Visit Dubrovnik; a hidden jewel and discover quiet squares amidst the glamour of the French Riviera. Taste the wines of Toulon and climb the stairs of Gaudi’s surreal Sagrada Família in Barcelona. We will connect you to this pivotal, unforgettable region with the depth, insight and comfort as only Viking Oceans new Viking Star can.  Request Quote
  Empires of the Mediterranean
Venice to Istanbul   EmpiresOfMed
from $3,549 | 10 Days | 5 Countries | 7 Tours
Join us on a 10-day journey through the Eastern Mediterranean, where each day and night has been crafted to bring you all the riches of this fabled region. Bookended by the iconic cities of Venice and Istanbul, you will discover ancient ruins, explore medieval cities and stroll breathtaking beaches. Or simply watch the world unfold before you from your stateroom balcony. The intimate size of Viking Star allows us to explore sea routes less traveled, as we sail like Vikings on the Adriatic. Passage through Western Europe Request Quote
  Passage Through Western Europe
Bergen to Barcelona 15 Days PassW_Europe
from $4,499 PP | 15 Days | 5 Countries | 10 Tours
Set sail on a 15-day cruise that takes you from the Viking waters of Bergen to magnificent London, and down the Atlantic Coast of France and Portugal and on to the sunny Mediterranean. In Spain explore the Moorish-inflected architecture, the art and cuisine of France, and marvels of London. This is an epic journey of contrasts, of provincial and cosmopolitan, Moorish and Gothic. The nimble size of the Viking ships let us sail upstream on the Seine to reach the heart of Rouen, and up the Thames to London, like our legendary river cruises.  Request Quote 
Catalonia to Constantinople
Barcelona to Istanbul
from $7,349 | 22 Days | 8 Countries | 17 Tours

Embark on a glorious 22-day journey that takes us from sunny Barcelona to the monumental city of Istanbul, crossroads of Europe and Asia. You will discover the ancient ruins of Ephesus and Athens, explore the medieval charm of Dubrovnik and Kotor and revel in the iconic playground of the rich and famous, Monte Carlo. Taste the wines of Toulon and climb the stairs of Gaudi’s surreal Sagrada Família in Barcelona. This is an unforgettable voyage that takes you through the best of the Mediterranean as only Viking can.           Request Quote

  Nordic Explorer
Istanbul to Bergen   
from $10,099 | 36 Days | 11 Countries | 26 Tours
Discover the must-see legends and landmarks of Europe with a 36-day cruise that takes us from the Viking waters of Bergen to magnificent London, down the Atlantic Coast of France and Portugal and through the sunny Mediterranean to Istanbul. You will discover the ancient ruins of Ephesus and Athens, soak in the medieval sights in Dubrovnik and Rouen and revel in the iconic playground of the rich and famous, Monte Carlo. Taste the wines of Toulon and climb the stairs of Gaudi’s surreal Sagrada Família in Barcelona. Explore the best of Europe in one unforgettable cruise Request Quote
  Romantic Mediterranean  
Barcelona to Rome 2016 - 2017
from $2,299 |
8 Days | 4 Countries | 6 Tours
Your  Romantic Mediterranean journey begins in Barcelona, where an overnight stay in the Catalan Capital gives you time to sip wine, taste tapas and explore this enchanting city in the evening. Then in the morning, set out for the south of France and the city of Toulon before sailing along some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines—the riviera's of France and Italy. Monaco’s jewel-like city of Monte Carlo provides a dose of glamour, while the rustic pleasures of Corsica take you back in time. There's time to see Tuscany’s memorable landscapes and two days in the great city of Rome. Request Quote
Bergen to the Bosphorus
Bergen to Istanbul  
from $3,699 | 15 Days | 6 Countries
| 5 Tours
Visit historic Istanbul, Athens, Lisbon & Paris . . . .
Begin your epic journey in beautiful Bergen; admire the breathtaking natural beauty of the Nordic fjords, then cruise south to spectacular Paris, then on to soulful Lisbon. Entering the glorious Mediterranean Sea, and visiting sun-drenched cities to explore their rich cultural and historic treasures.  Wander the medieval streets of Malta and step further back in time to the ancients in Athens, home of the magnificent Acropolis. This epic travel experience culminates in Istanbul, Turkey’s dazzling capital. Along the way, you will cruise some of Europe’s most legendary waters: the Strait of Gibraltar, the Dardanelles Strait and the Sea of Marmara. Request Quote

  Grand Mediterranean Tour
Barcelona to Barcelona 
from $4,649 | 15 Days | 7 Countries | 11 Tours

Embark on this grand Mediterranean tour visiting Spain, France and Italy plus Tunisia and Algeria. This unusual voyage highlights historic Malta and romantic Algiers. Begin your unforgettable two-week journey with two days in beautiful Barcelona, where you can sip sangria on Las Ramblas or marvel at the Picasso Museum. In the days that follow, stroll the quaint streets of Toulon, France and the sophis-ticated avenues of Monte Carlo. Then south to scenic Corsica before venturing to Tuscany Italy, and have an overnight in Rome to discover the “Eternal City”.  A visit at Valletta on the isle of Malta, experience the southern Med and North Africa in Tunisia and Algeria and Valencia’s charms on this memorable voyage.  Request Quote

  Christmas in the Mediterranean
Venice to Barcelona
from $3,499 | 15 Days | 7 Countries | 11 Tours

Have yourself a Mediterranean Christmas and join our 15-day Christmas cruise, with overnight stays in Venice, Malta and Barcelona. From Venice and her art and architecture and cultural delights.  Travel on to explore Croatian Splît and the beautiful 12th century Dubrovnik. Next, your off to Greece, and a visit to the romantic island of  Corfu to spend the entire day, resplendent with charming pastel town-houses and pristine white beaches. Your next stop is the unique yet ancient and ultra modern city of Malta.  Naples and her magnificent examples of Greek and Roman architecture, the Piazza del Plebiscito, a drive along the stunning Amalfi Coast, or take a trip to the summit of Vesuvius. On to magnificent Rome and Tuscany and a stop in   elegant Monte Carlo. Request Quote
Mediterranean Getaway
Rome to Barcelona  
from $1,999 | 8 Days | 2 Countries | 6 Tours

This thrilling voyage is as much a journey through time as it is an exploration of some of the southern Mediterranean’s most fascinating ports. Although you won’t actually time travel, you’ll gain a window into antiquity at such incredible sites as Pompeii, Carthage and Rome. Discover the vibrant city of Naples, or marvel at how the famed eruption of Vesuvius froze Pompeii and Herculaneum in time. Sicily holds its own unique charms, including the Greek ruins at Segesta. Tunisia is an exotic dream, ranging from the stunning ancient site of Carthage to the white seaside villages. Further attractions entice you in sunny Sardinia, the isle of Mallorca, dazzling Valencia and your final destination, exciting Barcelona. 
Request Quote
  Mediterranean Explorer
Barcelona to Barcelona  
from $6,749 | 15 Days | 4 Countries | 12 Tours

This itinerary features Naples and the charming islands of Sicily and Mallorca. An overnight in Catalan’s capital of Barcelona lets you see the sites including Gaudí’s famous Sagrada Família and you’ll set out for the French Riviera, sparkling Monaco and enchanting Tuscany. An overnight stay in Rome is another highlight, to allow you time to see the many attractions of the “Eternal City.” From there your voyage continues to more of the Mediterranean’s fabled places—ancient Pompeii and Carthage, medieval Sardinia, the Gothic buildings of Valencia and much more. Be sure to view the full itinerary and all available dates and prices for this cruise.  Request Quote

  Secrets of the So. Mediterranean
Rome to Barcelona   SecretsOfMed
from $2549 | 8 Days | 5 Countries | 5 Tours

Discover the charms of Valencia, Tunis & Algiers
starting in glorious Rome; in awe of the historic streets of Valletta, and the elaborate architecture in Valencia’s Old Town. You’ll visit some of North Africa’s most beautiful and historically significant cities, including the French-accented Tunis and Algiers. On this voyage you'll experience iconic world-class cultural capitals - Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, Amsterdam and St. Petersburg. You’ll encounter wonders of art and history as you explore richly varied cities and waterways, from the English Channel to the Kiel Canal.  
Request Quote
Mediterranean Celebration
Rome to Barcelona 
from $4,174 | 12 Days | 5 Countries | 9 Tours

Ring in the New Year with a magical Mediterranean cruise aboard Viking Star. This 12-day itinerary highlights 9 destinations, from the ancient ruins of Rome and ancient alleys of Tunis and Algeria to the colorful architecture of Barcelona.  This is a New Year you will never forget. Explore the southern Mediterranean’s most fascinating ports on this 12 day cruise visiting Italy, Tunisia, Algeria and Spain as well as the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, Malta and Mallorca.    Request Quote
  Ancient Empires & Holy Lands
Rome to Istanbul   AncientEmpHoly
from $4999 | 15 Days | 4 Countries | 9 Tours
Journey into the heart of the Holy Lands, with visits to civilizations past and secret places.  From Rome to Athens, Crete to Ephesus, stir the soul, exploring the sacred sights of the Eastern Mediterranean on a cruise that stirs the soul.  You’ll journey into the heart of the Holy Lands, and spend three days in Israel. Our ports provide the perfect entry from which to experience the heart of the world’s major religions in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth.
   Request Quote
  West Indies to Iberia
Rome to Istanbul    W.IndiesIberia
from $3899 | 15 Days | 6 Countries |7 Tours
Cross oceans and bridge the cultures on your trans-Atlantic six-day crossing, savoring your elegant ship’s cultural offerings. From colonial San Juan and Dutch St. Martin, ringed by white-sand beaches. 
The Portuguese island of Madeira welcomes you on the other side followed by a explorations in Morocco's Casablanca and then on to the lovely and charming Spanish cities of Cádiz and Valencia. Disembarking in lively Barcelona. Request Quote

New Year’s in the Mediterranean
Barcelona to Barcelona
from $2,999 | 13 Days | 6 Countries | 8 Tours
Ring in the New Year with this wonderful 12-day Mediterranean cruise. After an overnight stay in vibrant Barcelona, awaking to further explore the capital, strolling La Rambla, the mile-long leafy pedestrian boulevard. before setting sail to visit
the French coastal gem of Toulon, extravagant Monte Carlo and Renaissance Tuscany. Ring
in the New Year at sea, then explore the “Eternal City,” Rome, and medieval Malta. Visit French-flavored Tunis and historic Valencia and your
cruise ending in Barcelona. It’s a New Year’s celebration you’ll never forget.  
Request Quote

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