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Cruising the European waterways to discover the magnificent cultural centers of Europe, and the waterways of Asia, Egypt, Russia and India, while discovering their architectural wonders and history, and their wonderful and fascinating people. Sampling the fine foods and wines of these countries. Strolling through Amsterdam's fragrant Keukenhof Gardens, or basking in the glow of old-world traditions at the holiday markets in Germany.  Discovering the unique scenic treasures of Egypt and India, the Palaces of Russia, and the exotic wonders of China and the Mekong Delta.  Sailing these historical and magnificent rivers where discovering their unique and fascinating wonders, in a most relaxing and enjoyable way - your river cruise! 



Paris & Normandy 2016 Paris to Paris
8 Days
from $3,349.00
Visit Northern France, home to delicious cuisine, breathtaking art and one of the world’s greatest
cities, Paris. The “City of Lights” and the 'Eiffel
Tower', famed Champs-Elysées, and grand Notre Dame Cathedral—provides the perfect start and
end to your Northern France journey. Visit the
charming French village of Les Andelys, the city
of Rouen, and the harbor town of Honfleur, all of
which were lovingly recreated by the Impressionists. Walk the beaches of Normandy -where the Allied forces landed during WW II's D-Day Invasion. Experience Monet’s home in charming Giverny,
and discover the famous Japanese bridge and
water garden with its pond still full of the water lilies,
all of which inspired his great works of art. Taste
fine French wines and sumptuous French cuisine,
and much more.   Request Quote

Burgundy & Provence 2016 Avignon
to Lyon 8 Days
from $3,339.00
From Cotes du Rhone to Crepes Suzette and sun-glazed fields to Van Gogh’s Arles—this is a journey of exquisite pleasure for all your senses. Follow in the footsteps of Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Gauguin on this exquisite journey through southern France. Sail through the heart of Provence and Burgundy on a magical journey where fine cuisine, wine, art, nature and history are a treat for all the senses. For thousands of years, it has been a destination of preference for the world’s elite: Greeks, Franks, Romans, Gauls, writers, poets, artists of all types, celebrities, Popes, the foremost chefs and sommeliers. They've all been inspired by the luminous landscapes of these sunny regions where joie de vivre is a way of life.   Request Quote

Bordeaux, Vineyards & Châteaux 2016 Bordeaux Roundtrip 8 days from $3,149.00 Discover the unparalleled riches of Aquitaine and
its charming capital city, Bordeaux. Bordeaux, on France’s Southwestern coast, is a unique region
unto itself, yet still profoundly French. You’ll cruise
three rivers as you explore the stunning countryside, alive with stately Châteaux and abundant vineyards
and wine estates. Uniworld’s Epicurean Adventure Aboard Program™ includes a special French Master Chef-set dinner menu and a tasting of Arcachon oysters, a local delicacy onboard, and too chateau
and wine estate tastings and a Cannelé-making demonstration on this culinary rich journey. Though settled by the Romans and ruled by the English, Aquitaine is profoundly French. From its noble
châteaux to its breathtaking estuary, Bordeaux, as
the region is also known, is an oenophile’s paradise and every traveler’s dream
.   Request Quote
A Portrait of Majestic France 2016 Paris to Bordeaux 15 days from $6,798.00
Journey from glittering Paris to the Norman bucolic countryside on to the lush vineyards of Bordeaux. From the beaches of Normandy to amazing cities
like Paris and Bordeaux, and so many places in between, this voyage gives you the best France
has to offer. Cruise four noble rivers, the Seine, Garonne, Gironde, and the Dordogne, on this grand journey that explores both large cities and charming local towns as you sample the good life that is full
of world-class art, a vibrant culture, and culinary wonders. And the perfect itinerary for lovers of
life’s finer things.  Request Quote
Grand France Cruise 2016 Paris to Avignon 15 Days from $8,594.00
Combines Paris, Normandy, Burgundy and Provence into one Grand France Cruise: From the bridges of Paris to the beaches of Normandy to the sunny Mediterranean landscapes, you’ll experience all of France and her dramatic scenery, world-class cities, charming towns, Roman ruins, opulent palaces, and fields of vineyards and lavender, in a manner of unsurpassed style and comfort. You’ll soon discover why the backdrop of so many artists’ canvases were of the French countryside, and why some of the finest wines in the world come from these vineyards.  Request Quote   

Castles along the Rhine 2016 Basel to Amsterdam 8 Days from $3,384.00 
Celebrate the fairy tale beauty and romantic spirit of
the Rhine -This tour really lives up to its name
with castles, castles and more castles. Gracing the shores of the Middle Rhine Valley are more medieval castles than any river valley in the world. The fairytale castles, alongwith the breathtaking landscape of terraced vine-yards and old-world towns, create a dreamlike setting so much so that the Rhine became synonymous with the Romantic Movement in the 1800s.  Flowers tumble from baskets lining streets
of half-timbered houses, and light glints off quiet canals. A mighty river carries ships and cargo through a landscape shaped by time and history. Spires of Medieval churches appear around each bend, vine-yards climbing the hillsides. Discover Alsace, whose
dual heritage, French and German, has given it
fabulous food and a wine-growing tradition that goes back to the Romans. Cruise along the Rhine, and
savor French joie de vivre and German Gemütlichkeit. Passing Roman ruins and Romanesque churches, marveling at castles, once mighty fortresses that guarded territory and trade routes, now romantic ruins towering above the water.   
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Tulips & Windmills Amsterdam to
Antwerp 10 Days
from $3,959.00
See everything from a tapestry of tulips to windmills on this quintessential journey.  From the canals of Amsterdam to the belfry of Bruges, and discover
the best of the Netherlands and Belgium. As you stroll through colorful acres of tulips at Keukenhof Gardens you'll get a sense of the Netherlands’ extraordinary connection to these blooms. Then
visit the 19 UNESCO-designated windmills of Kinderdijk to better understand how these mighty structures have been used to protect the Low Country from ever-rising water levels for hundreds
of years.  Wander through the picture-perfect villages of Veere, Hoorn and Enkhuizen, and enchanting outdoor Zuiderzee museum. Uncover the rich treasures at Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, that houses the world’s largest collection of the post- impressionist master’s works of art, and take in the dazzling skyline of Rotterdam as you cruise through the bustling harbor.
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Holland & Belgium at Tulip Time 2016
Brussels to Amsterdam 8 Days
from $3,959.00
Discover the springtime splendor and stunning beauty of Holland and Belgium. Acres of tulips stretching as
far as the eye can see, windmills silhouetted against the sky, the very fields Vincent van Gogh himself once painted—these are just a few of the sights that await you in Holland and Belgium during tulip season. On
this unforgettable cruise through one of the most breathtaking regions of Western Europe, as you explore bustling towns that were once ancient Roman settlements, hunt for unique treasures in medieval villages and marvel at the works of Dutch and Flemish masters, including Peter Paul Rubens, Hieronymus Bosch and Vincent van Gogh. Discover sophisticated charms of Brussels - and a celebration of the nation’s springtime flower culture at the enchanting Spring Show in Castle Groot-Bijgaarden - as well as the artistic treasures of Antwerp. Discovering more of the  Netherlands, exploring the dynamic city of Maastricht before traveling to the town of 's-Hertogenbosch. There, you'll join locals in once-in-a-lifetime festivities as they pay tribute to native son Hieronymous Bosch on the 500th anniversary of his death. Walk in Van Gogh’s footsteps in Nuenen, and visit the old silversmith town of Schoonhoven. Stroll through the legendary Keukenhof Gardens, which boasts over seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. And so much more . . . .
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Legendary Rhine & Moselle 2016
Amsterdam to Basel 13 Days
from $4,999.00
Starting in vibrant canal-lined Amsterdam, walking
south on the path of historic legends and sail the
fabled Rhine River Valley. Cruise past some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery, where fairytale castles and historic sites greet you at every turn.
Travel through five amazing countries—France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands—all rich in UNESCO World Heritage
Sites. And all along the way, savor the excellent
wines and distinctive local cuisine, sampling the
best these regions have to offer!  Sailing the meandering and romantic Moselle River, the Rhine’s breathtaking tributary. Be enchanted by scenery of sylvan woods, ancient Roman ruins, medieval
villages, and vineyards vines cling bravely to
spectacularly steep slopes. Indulge in the Moselle’s distinguished vintages of full-bodied Rieslings as
you pay homage to one of Europe’s most charming river valleys, the Moselle. 
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Rhine Discovery & Prague 2016 Prague
to Basel 10 Days
from $3,699.00
Discover the inescapable romantic spirit of the Rhine, with ancient castles and grand palaces, half-timbered houses, medieval towns, famous wines, and robust beers as you sail along two incredible rivers—the romantic Rhine and the peaceful and meandering Main. Experience 1,000 years of history in Aschaffenburg, nicknamed the Bavarian Nice. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bamberg. Visit Heidelberg and admire the most famous Renaissance castle in Europe. Take a gondola ride to the Niederwald monument while in Rüdesheim. Marvel at the world’s largest ceiling fresco ceiling while at the Würzburg Residenz and taste the wonderful fruity Franconian wines in its cellar below. And take a canal cruise through Strasbourg, with its half-timbered houses and quaint canals.    Request Quote

Enchanting Danube 2016 Budapest to
Passau 8 Days
from $2,899.00
The Danube, through its rich history, has remained timeless and truly enchanting. German poet Friedrich Hölderlin called the Danube “a refreshing, melodious river, sometimes foaming with high spirits, at other times dreaming serenely.”  Waltz your way along the Danube as you sail from one captivating city to the next—Budapest, the beautiful “Queen of the Danube,” Bratislava, the “Coronation City of Kings,” and then breathtaking Vienna, the “Waltz Capital of the World.” Experience enchanting Salzburg, the charming village of Dürnstein located in Austria’s lush vineyard-rich Wachau Valley, and Passau. A regal journey with centuries of intriguing history unfolding before your eyes.   Request Quote

Danube Discovery & Prague 2016 Vienna
to Prague 10 Days
from $3,799.00 
Relax as you sail the majestic Danube on this unforgettable journey from Vienna to Prague. You'll celebrate the astounding beauty and variety of architectural styles to be found in just one region,
and often in a single building. A visit to the imposing
900-year-old Baroque Melk Abbey; the UNESCO World Heritage-designated Wachau Valley; and Old Town Regensburg, the largest intact Medieval town
in Europe. Waltz through imperial Vienna, home to some of Europe’s finest music, art, and architecture. Explore Passau with its Italian-Baroque flair and a delightful cathedral organ concert. Walk through the Medieval walled town of Nuremberg, where you will encounter fascinating fortifications. And take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Bavarian Forest
before visiting Theresienthal, one of the world’s
leading handmade crystal glass manufacturers. At
the start and end of your journey, take advantage of “Choice Is Yours” excursions that let you “See Vienna as the Viennese Do” on an intimate tour of Viennese daily life or take a WWII historical tour in Nuremberg. 
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Delightful Danube & Prague Budapest
to Prague 10 Days
from $3,299.00
An extraordinary journey for aficionados of European history, music and art.  Experience dynamic Budapest and imperial Vienna. Marvel at ravishing scenery as your luxurious ship glides through the Wachau Valley, celebrated as one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, into Germany and past charming Bavarian villages. This enchanting voyage provides a variety of ways to enjoy captivating destinations as well as plenty of time to relax onboard as you sail from Budapest to Nuremberg. Two nights in exquisitely preserved Prague serve
as a fitting end to this remarkable journey.  You’ll have a plethora of options on this itinerary, so you can tailor your journey to match your interests. Explore Budapest with a panoramic tour that shows you the architectural highlights of the “Queen of the Danube,” or get an up-close view of the city’s shopping district and lively green market. Perhaps you’d like to take in the magnificent Habsburg landmarks of Vienna with a city tour or marvel at the Gustav Klimt paintings at the Belvedere. Ramble along the thousand-year-old cobblestone lanes of Passau or wheel your bicycle along the Inn River. Take a look backstage at a historic theater in Prague or visit the Castle Hill district. 
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European Jewels 2016 Budapest to
Amsterdam 15 Days
from $7,399.00
Embark on a history-steeped European journey
that takes you through four countries - Hungary,
Austria, Germany, and The Netherlands along
three great rivers - the Danube, Main, and Rhine.
From the stunning, exotic beauty of Budapest to
music-rich Vienna to the soaring spires of Cologne’s Cathedral there are incomparable sights on this trip you’ll see. Sail through Austria’s lush Wachau Valley and taste the famous wines of the region. Cruise through the 106-mile engineering marvel the Main-Danube Canal, en route from the enchanting Danube
to the meandering Main River.  Travel the Rhine,
where you’ll see fairytale castles and sloping vineyards, and hear about the river’s legends. And step back in time as you walk along the cobblestone streets of medieval cities of Regensburg, Nuremberg and Bamberg to name just a few. Savor the majestic beauty of this river cruise. 
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Grand European Discovery 2016 Basel to Vienna 15 Days from $5,899.00
Travel along three majestic rivers where you’ll be inspired at every turn. Touch history in Switzerland, France, Germany, and Austria. Visit wonderfully preserved towns that offer a glimpse into life as it
must have been lived centuries ago in Miltenberg,
with its crooked streets and leaning houses, and Strasbourg’s Petite France lined with canals. Explore legendary landmarks—the Niederwald Monument in Rüdesheim, the 900-year-old Melk Abbey, and the UNESCO World Heritage Würzburg Residenz Palace. Get a taste of culinary diversity while indulging in Wiener Schnitzel in Austria, savoring world-class
wines from the Wachau Valley, and drinking hearty beers from Germany. Come discover Grand Europe!
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Highlights of Eastern Europe 2016 Budapest to Istanbul 12 Days from $4,699.00
Starting in vibrant canal-lined Amsterdam, you’ll traipse south on the path of historic legends and
sail the fabled Rhine River Valley. Cruise past
some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery,
where fairytale castles and historic sites greet you
at every turn. Travel through five amazing countries
of France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands—all rich in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And all along the way, savor the excellent wines and distinctive local cuisine, sampling the
best these regions have to offer!  Sail the meander-ing and romantic Moselle River, the Rhine’s breath-taking tributary. Be enchanted by scenery of sylvan woods, ancient Roman ruins, medieval villages, and vineyards where vines cling bravely to spectacularly steep slopes. Indulge in the Moselle’s distinguished vintages of full-bodied Rieslings as you pay homage to one of Europe’s most charming river valleys, the Moselle.  Aboard
the River Queen  Request Quote




Splendors of Egypt & the Nile Cairo
to Cairo 12 Days   
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Experience amazing Egypt onboard the all-suite
River Tosca. Cruising Uniworld for eight splendor
filled days, to the Nile’s most fascinating sites in
style. Spend time exploring breathtaking Karnak Temple, the largest temple complex ever con-
structed, with its avenues of sphinxes and halls of gigantic temples. Visit the Greco-Roman Temple of Hathor, one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt. Wander around the Temple of Hatshepsut, which
rises majestically out of the surrounding limestone
cliffs, and the Valley of the Kings, where illustrious pharaohs were buried. Enjoy four nights in captivating Cairo, where you’ll be taken to the famous Egyptian Museum, an unrivaled warehouse of Pharaonic treasures as well as the remarkable artifacts recovered from the tomb of King Tut. Journey to Giza to pay homage to the mighty Pyramids and the very face of ancient Egypt, the Sphinx. Get ready to gaze in awe
at the extraordinary creations that define Egypt—a land of complexity, marvels, and mythology. 
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Splendors of Italy, Milan to Rome Includes
Venice, Florence
15 Days from $7,094.00

Visit the world’s entrancing Venice, the “Queen of
the Adriatic,” in all its water-bound splendor. Cruise
the storied Grand Canal, pause at the Bridge of Sighs, and follow the footsteps of the doges through their historic palace. Discover the glorious, surprisingly modern, frescoes of Giotto in 13th-century Padua. Uncover ancient mosaics in Ravenna, the last capital
of Byzantine Empire in Italy. Savor Bologna, home
of the first university in Europe and the culinary capital of northern Italy. Find romance in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, and be introduced to Italy’s distinctive culinary delights by learning some of the tricks of the trade during a pasta-making workshop
in Bologna. Come discover the many splendors of
Italy and the La Dolce Vita. After you disembark,
your journey will take you to another of Italy’s Italian jewels, Florence, the birthplace of Italy’s national
poet, Dante Alighieri and of the Renaissance, and home to Michelangelo’s David. You’ll spend two glorious nights here before journeying to the Eternal City, Rome. For three nights, you’ll take in all the glories of this mesmerizing city, including the grand Coliseum, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica,
and so much more.  
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Gems of Northern Italy 10 Days Milan
to Venice
from $4,294.00
Discovering the hidden treasures of Venice and
Northern Italy on this unforgettable all-inclusive, luxury river cruise through Italy. Encountering unforgettable sights on this odyssey through Northern Italy that
begins in Milan, home to Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, and ends in legendary Venice, the “Queen of the Adriatic.” These two iconic cities bookend an exploration of Northern Italy that rewards the curious traveler with amazing experiences in Verona, Padua, Bologna and Ferrara.  Travel from dynamic Milan to romantic Venice. Soak up the enchantment of “The
City of Water” and two outer lying Venetian islands, Burano and Mazzorbo. Be treated to an exclusive evening opening and lighting ceremony at St. Mark’s Basilica. Discover the charm of seaside Chioggia
loved by fishermen and artists alike. Enjoy a multi-course lunch complete with wine pairings at a historic wine estate in Valpolicella. Explore medieval Padua, once home to Galileo and Copernicus; “bountiful” Bologna; Verona, the famed city of Romeo and Juliet; and UNESCO-designated Ferrara. Each of these enchanting locales is yours to uncover on the “Gems
of Northern Italy.”   
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Jewels of Spain, Portugal & Douro River
Lisbon to Madrid
13 Days from $5,924.00

Discover one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, the dramatic Douro River Valley.  Launch your own personal voyage of discovery on the Iberian Penin-
sula in Lisbon, Portugal’s colorful capital, taking in
the famous Rossio plaza and the spectacular Hieronymites Monastery, as well as the port where
the "Age of Exploration" began. Travel through the verdant countryside to Coimbra, Portugal’s third-
largest city and birthplace of six of the country’s
kings. In Porto, where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean, explore architectural wonders, shop
the bustling Rua de Santa Catarina and sip the
nation’s storied Port wines at its preeminent cellars. Then embark on a cruise through the UNESCO-designated Douro Valley, where grapes have been grown for 2,000 years, visiting picturesque quintas
and meeting the winemakers who operate them.
Experience three legendary Spanish cities of: Salamanca, the lovely “Golden City”; Madrid,
renowned for its museums, stately royal palace
and vibrant nightlife; and Toledo, the city of El Greco and a magnificent tribute to the three great cultures
that forged Spain. 
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Portugal, Spain & the Douro River 11 Days Lisbon to Porto from $5,544.00
Sail from Porto through the beautiful and dramatic landscape of the Douro Valley. Where vines cling to terraces carved by hand into the steep, rocky hill-
sides that line the water, producing Portugal’s legendary Port wine. Along the way, visit the quintas where grapes are grown and talk to the winemakers, discovering that Portugal also makes some fine red wines.  See the university in Salamanca, Spain, and Columbus sought advice for his voyages, and listen
to modern-day students singing in the streets. Watch
as flamenco dancers perform their passionate dance while you indulge in Spanish cuisine.  This cruise is where you'll discover a hidden gem in the unspoiled Douro River Valley, and revel in the intriguing cities
and beautiful architecture of the Iberian Peninsula.  
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Imperial Waterways of Russia 13 Days from Moscow to St Petersburg from $5,944.00
Now it’s your turn to discover the rich history and traditions along the imperial waterways of Russia.
Your journey starts in Moscow, where you’ll stand
in awe of world-famous sights such as Red Square;
the Kremlin; and the iconic, onion-domed St. Basil’s Cathedral. Cruise along the Golden Ring to some of Russia’s most beautiful cities - including Uglich and Yaroslavl, which are known for their white stone churches and gorgeous monasteries. Your journey ends in enchanting St. Petersburg, Peter the Great’s “Window on the West.” Elegant architectural styles of
all epochs such as Catherine’s Palace and the Hermitage Museum will bring you up close to the
rich traditions and royal history of Russia. Of course,
no trip to Russia is complete without an enchanting evening at the Russian Ballet.
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India's Golden Triangle & the Sacred Gange
13 Days New Delhi to Kolkata from $7,999.00

To travel through India is to encounter a country more complex and beguiling than perhaps any other profoundly mysterious, gloriously exotic, seemingly infinite, and absolutely unforgettable.

Your adventure begins in Delhi, India’s stately capital and third-largest city, a compelling blend of different historical eras and religious influences. Marvel at the exquisite Taj Mahal in Agra - justifiably considered
one of the New Seven Wonders of the World—and
hear the tragic love story that inspired its 17-year-long construction. Wander amongst the imposing fortresses and dusky-hued palaces of Rajasthan’s gateway city, the regal Pink City of Jaipur. Explore the atmospheric, centuries-old bazaars that make Jaipur such a magical place. With labyrinthine lanes lined with a plethora of tempting treasures, you’ll find them a delightful and dizzying spectacle for all five senses.

Embark upon your eight-day cruise along the Ganges River, where many other stupendous sights and experiences still await—Mother Teresa’s home and tomb in Kolkata, an enormous Vedic temple built by Hare Krishnas, splendid garden-tombs and mosques, and grand Victorian buildings and monuments, the lingering vestiges of India’s rich colonial legacy.

As intriguing as it is enthralling, India will work its charm on you in myriad ways, making for a journey you will rave about the rest of your life.  
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China, Tibet & the Yangtze - Beijing to Shanghai 14 Days    Request A Quote
Lhasa means 'holy land' and indeed this is the heart and soul of Tibet, and has been in existence since
the 7th century and ruled by the Dalai Lamas from
the early 1600s to 1959, Tibet is a country long associated with peace and spirituality. Marvel at
Lhasa’s unique architecture from the gilt roofed
temples and intricately decorated monasteries to homes that face south and have flat roofs for energy efficiency and enjoy an inner calm as you wander through its peaceful gardens. Cruise the most scenic section of the Yangtze River and bear witness to the changing landscape caused by the magnificent
Three Gorges Dam. Once on land, enjoy a virtual
dim sum of China’s highlights: the Great Wall, a Kung
Fu show, try a Peking Duck dinner, the ancient Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, and a night in lively Shanghai complete with a performance by the amazing Shang-
hai Acrobats. A grand adventure, and to marvel at
your stunning surroundings while cruising the breath-taking Yangtze River with its famous Three Gorges.
And finally, explore Shanghai - China’s largest city
and home to Shanghai’s legendary acrobats.  
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Highlights China & the Yangtze - Beijing
to Shanghai
11 Days    Request A Quote 
A journey to China is an enchanting odyssey through more than 5,000 years of history that have been recorded against a vast and stunning landscape. Discover the great diversity of this fascinating country, from the rustic hamlets lining the Yangtze to Beijing
and Shanghai—two of the world’s most sophisticated cities. This program provides insight into all the major marvels of this grand country.  Cruise ship Century Paragon.  Visiting Beijing, China’s second-largest
city, offers a plethora of world-class sites—Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Great Wall—all of which you’ll visit. In Xi’an, see Emperor Qin’s life-sized Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses—a truly unforgettable sight and indulge in a Tang Dynasty dinner. A grand adventure, and you'll marvel at your stunning surroundings as you cruise
the breathtaking Yangtze River with its famous Three Gorges. And finally, explore Shanghai—China’s largest city and home to Shanghai’s legendary acrobats. 
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Treasures of China & Yangtze - Shanghai
to Beijing 12 Days
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Discover the glories of China’s history and culture,
from the ancient Forbidden City to booming Shanghai
This odyssey through China will carry you from the ultramodern high-rises of Shanghai to the ancient wonder of the Great Wall, revealing the great diversity
of this amazing country along the way. Follow the
mighty Yangtze into the heart of China, reveling in the mist-shrouded shrines and fanciful weather-shaped
rock formations of the ravishing Three Gorges.  This program provides insight into the marvels of old and new China, with a focus on the great Yangtze River itself, bookended by three exciting cities: Shanghai, Xian and Beijing. Visit Beijing’s Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square and walk along the legendary
Great Wall, come face to face with the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian and the legendary Shanghai acrobats dazzle you.  Let your English-speaking expert guides share their knowledge of China’s extraordinary history, landmarks, people, and culture with you, experiencing the grand treasures of China.  
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Grand China & the Yangtze from Beijing to Hong Kong 18 Days    Request A Quote
From thriving modern cities (Beijing, Shanghai, and
Hong Kong) to monumental manmade marvels (the Great Wall and Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses) to glorious landscapes (Suzhou, the Yangtze, and
Guilin), this extraordinary expedition is the perfect introduction to the grand sweep of ancient and
modern China.  Walk along the Great Wall. Visit
Guilin’s Reed Flute Cave, where stalactites and stalagmites flaunt dazzling colors. Take a cruise
down the bucolic Li River. Wander around the
exquisite, UNESCO-designated Humble Adminis-
trator’s Garden in Suzhou. And sail the magnificent Yangtze River, with its spectacular gorges, mist-shrouded shrines, and fanciful weather-shaped
rock formations. Along the way, enjoy a plethora
of cultural pleasures, including a thrilling Kung Fu
show in Beijing, a Tang Dynasty folklore performance and dinner in Xi’an, and an acrobatic extravaganza in Shanghai. 
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Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia &
the Mekong from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi

15 Days 
from $5,749.00 
Uniworld offers an intimate encounter inside Vietnam and Cambodia that other river cruise lines can't match. You'll never descend onto a village, market, or important cultural site as part of a massive tour group. Instead, you’ll be part of small groups, with one local guide for every twenty guests. You will meet the people and visit the places that make up these fascinating destinations. In addition, you’ll travel to floating villages and sites by way of a luxurious sampan, so you’ll have a genuine experience every step of the way.
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Classic Christmas Markets 8 Days from Nuremberg to Frankfurt from $3,299.00
Discover where many of our holiday traditions origi-
nated - Christmas trees, gingerbread, nutcrackers,
St. Nick, and candy canes—came from as you sail through Germany on this magical cruise. Exploring some of the world’s most celebrated Christmas
markets in Nuremberg, Bamberg, Rothenburg, Würzburg, Wertheim, and Frankfurt. Be treated to
a winter wonderland of stocking stuffers and sweet treats. Sail in true holiday style along the peaceful
Main River, stopping to marvel at Medieval villages
and majestic stone castles. Merrymaking continues
as you stroll through cobblestone streets dusted in snow. Mouthwatering aromas surround the festive
stalls at the Christmas markets; shops and bakeries
are laden with gingerbread, biscuits, and specialty cakes. Cozy up to a steaming mug of glühwein (hot spiced wine) or indulge in some of the region’s
famous Franconian sausage.  
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Danube Holiday Markets Budapest to
8 Days
from $3,299.00
Four countries—Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany—await your arrival for one unique, festive
party after another. From the large Christmas Markets
 of Vienna to the more intimate Christmas Markets of Bratislava, Passau, and Salzburg—each combines timeless traditions with elegant pageantry. Discover
the Baroque splendor of the Habsburg Empire with
visits to Gottweig, Salzburg, Passau, Vienna, and
Linz on this enchanting holiday extravaganza along
the Danube, the holiday décor and the merry sound
of Christmas caroling . Uncover the heart and soul of Slovakia as you tour Bratislava and explore its
Christmas Market. Participate in a gingerbread-baking demonstration in Passau and be enchanted by a
festive classical concert in a famous Viennese concert hall. Cherish all the glory and magic of the season in grand European style as you cruise along the Danube during this festive time of the year.  
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Enchanting Christmas & New Year's Cruise
11 Days Passau to Budapest
from $0000.00  
his holiday season why not escape the hurry and
hassle of the holidays and relax onboard a luxurious
ship cruising along the beautiful wintry landscape of
the Danube. On Christmas Eve, walk through the
quiet Medieval streets of Regensburg to the Gothic cathedral for midnight mass. As you pass through
the magnificent doors, look up; you’ll see chalk
marks invoking age-old blessings for all who enter. Listen to the harness bells chime as you ride through
the serene Bavarian Forest in a horse-drawn carriage. Wander through locations from The Sound of Music
in beautiful Salzburg and then warm up with rum-laced
coffee. Meet Habsburg royalty during a private
reception in a castle overlooking the UNESCO-designated Wachau Valley. Visit stunning churches
and sample delicious wines in enchanting Baroque villages. Dance the New Year in a Viennese palace,
and see how a dusting of snow adds to the glamour
of Hungary’s historic capital. The mighty Danube takes you through three nations decked in all their holiday finery at this most delightful time of year.  
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European Holiday Markets  8 Days
Nuremberg to Vienna
from $3,199.00  
Discover where many of our holiday traditions began
such as Christmas trees, gingerbread, nutcrackers,
St. Nick, candy canes came from as you sail through Germany and Austria on a magical cruise. You'll be spellbound by the Medieval  Nuremberg’s atmos-
phere of the Christmas Market, and sample its famous holiday gingerbread. Stroll through Regensburg’s romantic Christmas Market, savoring fresh dumplings with vanilla sauce. In Passau, shop for unique crafts
like hand-painted porcelain and Bohemian glass ornaments. Enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Bavarian Forest before visiting a world-renowned glass making work-shop for a demonstration. In Linz, “The Town of Christmas Crèches,” marvel at the small clay figurines that represent the people of a typical village—the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. And hear a Mozart and Strauss concert while in the 'City of Waltzes', Vienna. All this and more, in two countries of culture and elegance, will surely make for a joyous start to your holiday festivities.  
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Grand Christmas & New Year's Cruise
13 Days Nuremberg to Budapest from


Have an unforgettable holiday season. Celebrate Christmas in Regensburg, one of the loveliest
Medieval towns in Europe, where you will have time
to attend Christmas Mass in one of their magnificent churches, followed by a grand celebration onboard your ship. Learn how the tradition of glassblowing
has remained basically unchanged since the glass-blower’s pipe was invented some 2,000 years ago,
and take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Bavarian Forest.  We have arranged for a private
cocktail reception for you at Artstetten Castle with
Princess Anita von Hohenberg, a descendant of
the royal Habsburgs. You will also welcome the
New Year at an exclusive gala dinner and dance in
a Viennese palace. While here, you will be treated
to a festive dinner and a private concert, at which
you can even waltz to the famous tunes of Strauss
and Mozart, all while in the elegant ambience of this historic salon.  Three captivating countries—Germany, Austria, and Hungary—plus one enchanting river,
the Danube, will provide the perfect backdrop for celebrating the holidays in grand style.
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Parisian Holiday  8 Days Paris to Paris
The allure of Paris and Northern France during the holidays is like a dazzling holiday package just
waiting to be unwrapped! Visit this magical place at
this most festive time of year and create memories
you will never forget. Sample traditional pancakes
and cider while in Les Andelys. In the Medieval town
of Rouen, browse through the traditional Christmas Market. Later in the day, be enchanted by an ethereal church choir recital at magnificent Rouen Cathedral,
that was famously memorialized in Monet’s paintings.  You’ll have several days to enjoy Paris, with all of
her famous landmarks decked out for the holidays.
You will visit the incomparable Palace of Versailles
and stroll down the famous Champs-Élysées. Take
a moonlight drive through the “City of Light” enjoying
the Eiffel Tower light show.  Celebrate the holidays
in high style on this memorable trip with the perfect
blend of cruising, touring, and free time exploring
the grand city of Paris. 
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Rhine Holiday Markets  8 Days Basel to
from $3099.00
Switzerland, France, and Germany provide the
perfect backdrop for this true connoisseur’s Christmas Markets cruise. Visit the delightful Christmas Markets
of Basel, Switzerland, and Strasbourg, France. Then continue on to Germany where many of our signature holiday traditions began.  With stops in charming Medieval villages such as Heidelberg, Mainz, Rüdes-heim, and Koblenz, and the majestic city of Cologne with its UNESCO Gothic cathedral. As you sail along
the legendary Rhine, especially the 40 miles along
the upper middle Rhine Valley (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), you’ll be captivated by ancient fortresses, Medieval castles, and half-timbered villages—all set in a winter wonderland. Share the joy and magic of the season and enter into a festive mood as you enjoy the cozy holiday atmosphere onboard your exquisitely decorated boutique cruise ship. 
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Somewhere at this moment a Uniworld Boutique River Cruise is carrying a small, intimate group of passengers along one of the most historic rivers in the world. Day after day, they’re seeing unforgettable sights and sleeping in the only ZAGAT®-rated staterooms on the rivers. They’re dining in the only ZAGAT®-rated restaurants on the rivers and enjoying an unparalleled level of service from a crew that believes “no request is too large, no detail is too small.” And they’re finding out what it feels like to be on a river cruise that’s surpassing even their highest expectations.

Connoisseur Collection 2016 offers connoisseurs of fine wine and cuisine a host of culinary delights on the Paris & Normandy, Burgundy & Provence and Bordeaux Vineyards and Chateaux itineraries.
  • Private wine tastings
  • Culinary demonstrations led by Master Chefs
  • Delicious wine and food paired dinners
  • Special onshore excursions

Uniworld Cruises Lines has been in business for over thirty years now, and was originally created to offer river cruises in Europe, that specifically catered to North American travelers and other English speaking countries clients. Uniworld has taken guests to the world’s greatest destinations, not only Europe, but to China and Egypt and. Russia as well.  

Uniworld cruises reflect a boutique style hotel styled ship.  Offering all the amenities of a first class boutique hotel [similar to sister company the award winning five-start Red Carnation Hotels] and thus offers you all the same amenities, except on water instead of land. Uniworld is proud of all the travel awards that they've received over the years, and through the years they've received numerous awards from the following Travel Industry and Travelers through 2015 include: Conde Nast Traveler Gold List Platinum Circle, Conde Nast Traveler Cruise Poll River Cruises, Travel & Leisure, Editors' Picks, Reader's Choice Awards, Travel Age West Wave Editor's Pick, Cruise Critic Editors' Picks, all awards can be viewed here: AWARDS & ACCOLADES :

Uniworld's fleet consists of 17 ships, as noted with fully English speaking crews and employs an all English, professionally trained staff, so there are no language barriers and no problems with understanding what is being said or going on. All announcements are made only in English. Unlike many companies offering river cruise programs in Europe and elsewhere, Uniworld is an American company focused on North American travelers, or at least English-speaking clientele (the trips are popular with Canadians and folks from Down Under as well). 

Uniworld jointly operates one river cruise ship, Douro Queen, in Portugal and partners with river cruise ships Litvinov and Taras Shevchenko in Russia; Egypt is under a charter program and Uniworld partners with Five-Start Victoria Cruises in China.  The ships crews on these ships are native speaking, but are Uniworld English speaking staffed. Again to eliminate language barriers and  problems with understanding what is being said or going on.

Unlike many companies offering river cruise programs in Europe and elsewhere, Uniworld is an American company focused on North American travelers, or at least English-speaking clientele (the trips are popular with Canadians and folks from Down Under as well).  Uniworld’s headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, and it has an outstanding European operations team who reports directly to the Los Angeles headquarters, which allows them to have complete control over every aspect of product delivery: nautical, hospitality and land tours.


Sailing smoothly along the Rivers Rhone, Saone and Seine to the Cultural Centers of France
Paris, one of the most stunning and exciting cities in the world and provides the perfect starting point for your Grand France adventure with its unending list of picturesque sites that included Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysée, Notre Dame Cathedral, the architectural delights of the Ponts [bridges over the river Seine] just to name a few of the more noted ponts are Le Pont Alexandre III, Le pont du Carroussel, and the most well known ponts include Le pont Neuf, Le pont Saint-Michel and Le pont Notre-Dame. Cruising along the Seine River is a whole different perspective of Paris, the magnificent architecture styles of these bridges is quite varied as is the views of Paris via the Seine.  On your Paris and Normandy cruise, you’ll visit charming towns and villages of Auvers-sur-Oise, Rouen, Honfleur and Giverny that are absolutely charming  and so inspired many of the great impressionist artists of that era. You’ll walk the beaches of Normandy where the Allied forces landed during World War II D-Day Invasion, and visit the war memorials and much more.  As you sail on the southern cruise through France, sailing between Lyon [embarking at Chalon-sur-Saone] and Avignon the City of Popes, and the Palais des Papes, you’ll pass quaint hilltop cities and their unique charming and lively towns, lush vineyards and fields of lavender and an artists palette of vistas of the countryside's made famous by great painters. You'll visit many of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Arles, forever connected to Vincent Van Gogh; Lyon is known as the culinary capital of France, and the center of Gallo-Roman history with Avignon being a well-preserved medieval walled city housing the spectacular Palace of the Popes and the infamous Pont Saint Benezet or the Bridge to Nowhere! All along the way, indulge in the famous flavors of these regions, the Burgundy Wines and Burgundy Cheeses, the chocolates, fruits and vegetables, and bask in the warmth of the countryside. A fabulous river cruise experience, that you'll remember for years to come!  Come cruise with Uniworld now! 

Where you will discover that China is both a time capsule of ancient culture and a monumental stage showcasing modern miracles. Explore legendary sites like China’s ancient capital, Xi’an, and current capital, Beijing. Soak up the vibrant energy of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Spend time in Suzhou’s heavenly gardens, and Guilin’s spectacular mountains. Journey to Lhasa, the heart of Tibet; sail the Yangtze with its spectacular Three Gorges; and walk along the Great Wall. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be in the hands of Uniworld’s English-speaking, professionally trained staff and Cruise/Tour Managers. Teaching you about China’s history, art, culture, and natural landscapes throughout your journey. In China, we offer four expertly planned cruise/tour packages, with Uniworld’s sister company, Trafalgar. No matter which itinerary you select, you'll experience the Eastern wonders that you’ve always imagined visiting, uncovering hidden treasures.  Then there's a no more striking cultural contrast between bustling Vietnam and the tranquility of Cambodia. From Ho Chi Minh City, through the Mekong Delta so rich in human life and endeavor, to the diverse countryside of Cambodia, you’ll discover two countries, two cultures, and two ways of life linked by one river, the Mekong, that have shaped these nations.

Cruising along the Russia's Volga River, Europe’s largest and longest waterway, holds a special place in Russian history and in the hearts and minds of the Russian people. An important aquatic “highway” since Medieval times, the Volga has long served as a major route of trade, settlement and conquest. Peter the Great sailed along the Volga from Moscow to St. Petersburg approximately 300 years ago on a quest to bring Russia out of the Dark Ages. And centuries worth of Russian music and literature reflect the people’s deep feeling for the river. 


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